Company Overview

A mainstay in the casting industry, A&B Foundry and Machining was established in 1948, and since opening its doors, it has been providing the industry with quality, affordable castings by blending the most efficient technologies and equipment.

A&B’s Foundry is located in Franklin, Ohio. We are involved in the casting of nonferrous metals for customers throughout the world. A&B’s specialties are Large Aluminum Castings through the use of processes and technology such as V-Process, Air Set, and Green Sand. Although the company has evolved to be mainly an aluminum foundry, it also has the capability to produce brass and bronze castings. A & B serves a wide range of industries, producing castings for use in Aerospace, Military & Defense, Motors, Machine Tools, Robotics, Medical Equipment, and numerous other applications.

As a fully integrated operation, A&B has substantial resources to design, engineer, manufacture, and test the castings. Our human resources consist of 49 experienced employees, dedicated to producing the industry’s finest castings. Our combined facilities consist of 85,000 square feet. A&B has substantial resources of machinery and equipment for making patterns, melting, casting, finishing, and testing.