Advantages of our Air Set Molding

Air Set Molding was developed as a production process to help compensate for the ever-increasing demands of the casting buyer.

With A&B, Air Set Molding is best suited to larger, heavier, and intricate castings. And sand used can be kept to a minimum without compromising quality so production costs are reduced.

We use state of the art foundry equipment on our Air Set Molding, which allows 100% reclamation of the primary raw material, sand.

This process keeps production costs to a minimum without compromising quality.

The advantages of the A&B’s Air Set Molding are achieved through the use of fine grain silica and a no-bake process.

Parts in 2-5 weeks
Simulates larger casting parts for appearance and properties
Low cost tooling allows for ease of geometry modification
Excellent production method for programs that can’t justify hard tooling
Superior metallurgical characteristics

We utilize an environmentally friendly binder system that allows us to maximize the benefits that Air Set Molding process can offer.