How our Air Set Works

Air Set Molding, sometimes referred to as “No-bake molding”, is much more competitive with us.

This process often forms a two-part mold made of silica sand mixed with furan and urethane binders, having a top and bottom, termed cope and drag. There are six steps in this process:

  • Place a pattern in sand to create a mold.
  • Incorporate a gating system.
  • Then the pattern is removed with the channel plug, leaving the mold cavity.
  • Fill the mold cavity with molten metal.
  • Allow the metal to cool.
  • After the metal has solidified and cooled, break away the sand mold and remove the casting.

The process requires graded kiln dried sand, which is mechanically mixed with a resin to bind the sand together. A chemical hardener is then added to the sand mix, which reacts with the binder and begins to set the sand into a solid form.