Advantages of our Green Sand Casting

The Green Sand Casting enables A&B’s foundry to leverage the cost savings, process efficiency and flexibility of vertical casting technology.

The material costs for Green Sand Casting are low and this process is exceptionally flexible. The mold material is also reclaimable, with between 90 and 95% of the sand being recycled, although new sand and additions are required to make up for the discarded loss.

These features, combined with the relative ease of mold production, have ensured that the green sand molding process has remained as the principal method by which castings are produced.

The properties of Green Sand Casting are:

Least expensive and most widely used casting process;
Very flexible in shape, size, material and quantity, even intricate shapes;
Castings can be up to several tons;
Inexpensive tooling costs;
Can be used with most pourable metals and alloys;
Short lead time possible;
Scrap can be recycled.

As a sand casting manufacturer, A & B Foundry offers Green Sand Casting services which produce better molds.