How our Green Sand Casting Works

The Green Sand Casting begins with the creation of a pattern that duplicates the shape of the desired part.

First, sand (often called “silica sand”), water, clay and other composition are placed in a green sand mold. With applying pressure to the mold material, a mold can be compacted around a master pattern. This process utilizes a cope (top half) and drag (bottom half) flask set-up.

The cope and drag are then assembled and enable metal to be poured into it to produce a casting.

The process also uses coring to create cavities inside the casting.

After the casting is poured and has cooled, the sand mold separates along a parting line. The casting can be removed from the mold and the sand is recycled.

This process is used for volumes from one to thousands, and for small, simple parts to large, complex shapes. Holes and internal details can be cast using removable sand cores, made from core boxes.