About our V-Process

A&B’s foundry helps customers achieve new levels of quality for medium-sized and large castings with V-Process Casting technology.

This proprietary process consists of the following:

The mold is composed of a dry, fine silica sand
A special plastic film is held by vacuum against the top and bottom of the mold
The aluminum alloy is poured into a tightly assembled cope and drag
The vacuum is released to initiate mold shake-out

V-Process Casting Benefits

The special plastic film and vacuum processing result in superior castings unattainable with other casting methods.
Elimination of surface defects and smooth finishes provide an aesthetically appealing, high-quality end product
Near net shape castings reduce machining time, saving manufacturing costs
Sharp corners, tight radii and intricate details can be achieved for the most difficult casting requirements

V-Process Casting Facts

Aluminum alloys including Series 200, 300, 500 and 700 Aluminum
Casting weights can exceed 700 lb (320 kg)