Advantages of our V-Process Casting

V-Process Casting is the most efficient way to produce castings. It has a very low operating cost, unlimited pattern life cost which saves the customer a lot of money from having to continuously pay for new tooling, and it produces a much better quality part.

With the V-Process today, castings of all sizes and shapes, can be used to make parts in quantities from 5 to 5,000 and will produce a quality, low-cost part that will leave the end user extremely satisfied.

Low Operating Cost

The V-Process not only saves the cost of sand binders, but all the cost of sand mixing, testing and disposal/reclamation. Even pattern life is extended because the pattern is only contacted by the plastic; therefore sand doesn’t cause wear. When pattern changes are required, they are easy to alter at a low cost.
Moreover, the V-Process produces castings with fewer imperfections and less scrap.

Our V-Process offers a variety of benefits: Zero Degree Draft, Excellent Dimensional Tolerances, and Smooth Surface Finish.

Zero Draft

The V-Process is known for not requiring a draft that reduces weight and machining. This is due to the lubricity of the plastic film which expands slightly when the vacuum is drawn in the flask.

Tight Tolerances

The process has high dimensional accuracy, with a tolerance of ±0.010 in for the first inch and ±0.002 in/in thereafter. Cross-sections as small as 0.090 in (2.3 mm) are possible.

Fine Surface Finish

125-150 RMS is the norm. Cast surface of 200 or better, based on The Aluminum Association of America STD AA-C5-E18.

Other advantages of the V-Process include:

  • Thin-wall Capabilities;
  • Excellent Reproduction of Details;
  • Low Tooling Costs;
  • Unlimited Pattern Life;
  • “User-friendly” Patterns;easy revisions to patterns, no metal tooling; good for prototypes;
  • Quick Turnarounds and Short Lead Times.